Dragon City Hack.

Released back in May of 2012, Dragon City is a big social network game and among the top-rated Facebook games. The game is incredibly fun to play, as well as challenging. For faster progress in the game, there are various hacks and cheats to use to be able to succeed without having to spend a dime. With so many websites claiming to offer these services.

Dragon City hacks and cheats that work.
1. Gold Farming Habitat cheatWhen starting this game, it is ideal that you shift your focus on building Terra Habitats. Despite having the least gold capacity in the game, they hand you the ability to hatch strong Terra Dragons. Additionally, they generate most gold per minute, an aspect that is important during the initial stages of the game where to some extent you will have few dragons. Before winding up your gaming session, it’s advisable to obtain the incomes from Habitats and Farms for them to start generating again.
2. Quick level up hackApart from getting free gems, leveling up allows access to obtain or build some dragons, habitats or buildings. To level up fast you need to gain a lot of experience points in the game and there are a couple of ways to do that.One is by building a food farm and selling it to build another. Building one earns a lot of experience points but again very expensive to undertake. The logical food farm to use for this approach is the big food farm for it has the ideal cost to experience ratio.Growing food is another effective way of gaining large amounts of experience points. By this you also get food which is important when leveling up your dragons a tactic that high level players use to gain experience points.Clearing obstacles like trees and big stone also give experience points but this is for beginners as obstacles once cleared never regrow.
3. Hacks for Free Gems and GoldThere are several ways used to get free gems and gold. You are not guaranteed to earn gems in all of them by they are worth trying.Though only available at Facebook, you can try the daily Deus card shuffle with nine cards and stand a chance to win 30 gems. Though the chances are slim, it’s still worth the try.

Other ways Useful in Dragon City
By checking your shop anytime you play on mobile, you will often find offers that will give you one gem for watching a 30-second advertisement video. Repeat watching them until they are gone and keep in mind for each one; you earn a gem.Ensure that you get the Jewelem’s Tower built as soon as you unlock it as the tower attaches to Lush Island and unlocks at level 12 where you will be rewarded with an extra gem every single day.The game may be a little confusing at the start but keep in mind the game involves combining elemental dragons with the same elemental crystals. To quickly earn points and level up, put some of these tips to practical use.